Episode 120

Désirée Driesenaar, Connector of Dots: on Regeneration and Nature Based Innovations

Published on: 12th April, 2022

Désirée Driesenaar is an innovation activist, blue economy specialist, storyteller as well as external expert for the European Commission. After years of working in the corporate world as a commercial manager and B2B marketer, in 2014 Desirée went for a holistic shift and became an entrepreneur for a regenerative future.

In search of purpose and sustainability, she developed a worldview of systems thinking in a quest of restoring ecosystems by building bridges between technology and nature by applying different business models and innovations. Desirée’s methods include action, storytelling, systemic narratives, and co-creation with a particular focus on the idea of regeneration – a driving factor in establishing truly sustainable and connected solutions.

We are pleased to have Desirée talking to us today about concepts that are key in both her professional and personal life such as regeneration and sustainable ecosystems weaved in and through the world of technology.

How can one work with technology and AI while staying in close mental and emotional affinity with all that is nature? What are the methods, principles, and approaches that Desirée has been exploring in her collaborations which help set up bridges between these two worlds? We are curious to hear how would a technology in tune with nature would look like in Desiree’s imagination. Join us on this episode to reflect on the inspiring possibilities that nature-based solutions can bring. 

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