Episode 123

Rebecca Price: Designer and Teacher: On Mentorship, Resilience and the Importance of keeping Fundamental Drives in Focus

Published on: 12th May, 2022

Rebecca Price is a researcher and assistant professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology where she investigates how design can advance sectors and industries through multi-leveled and networked innovation. Educated and practiced as an industrial designer, Rebecca was quickly drawn to the strategic potential of design as a source of resilience, and so pursued a Ph.D. in design-led innovation at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.  

Her work increasingly explores the intersection between the design of socio-technical systems and transitions theory to consider new methodological opportunities. Rebecca works

with public and private organisations to support the application of design upon complex innovation challenges. While the predominant domain of her work to date has been mobility (aviation, automotive, urban transport), her methodological research, in particular, holds increasing value to domains related to public health and energy transitions that stem from a socio-technical perspective of the possibilities of design.

In today’s episode, Rebecca speaks to her passions and drives as a designer, innovative thinker, and teacher. We are curious to hear her thoughts on friction and ways to approach it, on challenges that multidisciplinary settings may bring, and means that allow her to keep up to her expectations. How has her sports background contributed to her resilience? In the second part of our talk, Rebecca shares what inspired her to carry out the project “100 Days” – Graduating during Covid19“.

Hear her speak on ways to facilitate students in challenging times, on mutual awareness, ways of being a mentor of value, and the reasons she finds teaching so important.

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